Flat Lashes
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Flat Lashes

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Our Flat Lashes are designed to give you a more full, dramatic look.  

How we accomplished this style of lash is by choosing a flat base with a pointed tip, while not adding any extra weight to the natural lashes. By adding this lash you will create more a dramatic look without the extra weight. Our lashes are true black (with no blue hues) and a softened sheen.

  • Our 0.15mm lashes imitate a 0.20mm but the weight is the same as a 0.15mm
  • Curl, length and diameter are conveniently located right on the lash strip 
  • Available in 8mm-13mm lengths 
  • Our flat lashes are available in a single length trays 

Our lashes are faux mink and cruelty free

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